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英文自荐信 篇1

Dear School Leadership:


Thank you for your loyalty in his busy schedule written through my job.

West Tian-Ling My name is Anyang Teachers College Department of Music music graduates professional.

Four years in college, after persistent efforts, I have a relatively solid expertise. Rise to the challenge of music theory, sight-singing, listening, vocal music teaching such courses. However, since the view that the inexperienced, lack of practical experience, hope to be able to gradually improve their work and give full play to its strengths as a school pitch in to help Tim. In addition, I have Anyang tutor over a period of time, have a certain amount of teaching ability. Through the exercise, I deeply understand that a person must have good morals and virtue, a strong sense of professionalism and responsibility in order to face the difficulties and challenges.

In order to realize the value of your life for themselves for a good environment to display their talent, I sincerely hope to join your school. I believe that through their own efforts, your school will soon be capable of teaching.知遇之恩,没齿不忘, hoping you can give me a chance. If fortunate enough to become a member of your school, and I will cherish this hard-won opportunity for all teaching staff and schools together, solidarity, with the wisdom and sweat to create a better future school!

Enclose my CV and contact details, sincerely look forward to the chance for an interview!

I wish you good health and good luck!

英文自荐信 篇2














英文格式的自荐信 篇3


I have been told by Mr.John L.Pak, Credit Manager, The Business Book Publishing, New York, with whom I believe you are acquainted, that you are expecting to make some additions to your accounting staff in June.

I have been told by Mr.John L.Pak, Credit Manager, The Business Book Publishing, New York, with whom I believe you are acquainted, that you are expecting to make some additions to your accounting staff in June. I should like to be considered an applicant for one of these positions.

You can see from the data sheet that is enclosed with this letter that I have had five years of varied experience in the book business. The companies for which I have worked have given me permission to refer you to them for information about the quality of the work I did while in their employ.

My work was in the credit department and in the accounting department in both companies, with some experience also in inventory control. In both positions, I have been assigned with the daily office administraion. The courses taken at Central Commercial and the Bronx Community College specifically prepare me for doing the accounting required in your department.

I hope that you will give me an interview at some time convenient to you. If there is further information that you wish in the meantime, please let me know. I can always be reached at the address given at the beginning of this letter.

Very truly yours


英文自荐信 篇4









一个人惟有把所擅长的投入到社会中才能使自我价值得以实现。别人不愿做的,我会义不容辞的做好;别人能做到的,我会尽最大努力做到更好!发挥自身优势,我愿与贵单位同事携手共进,共创辉煌! 感谢您在百忙之中读完我的求职简历,诚祝事业蒸蒸日上!

英文的.自荐信 篇5

Dear Sir,

I take the liberty of writing you to apply for a position in your corporation.

In 1981, graduated from the Powerman Course nd Electrical Equipment Repair Course of the U.S. Engineer College and also graduated from the Management Course of Industrial College of the U.S. University in 1985.

I have just returned from the United State. I would like to work in your corporation. I believe that I can perform well under your leadership.

I sincerely hope that you could give me an opportunity of first of all.

Enclosed herewith are three copies of the U.S. diplomas and a copy of my resume for your reference.

Your prompt reply in this matter would be greatly appreciated.

Yours very truly,


英文自荐信 篇6

Dear sir:

In reply to your advertisement in i beg to offer my services as secretary with your firm.

I am30 years of age, and have had five years" experience in the line of secretary. graduating from (the name of the) university in july1980, i served with james & secretary until last month. besides i am skilled in almost all kinds of office machine. so i feel confident of my ability to fill a position such as you announce as vacant and give entire satisfaction in the discharge of my duites.

Trusting you will give my application kind consideration and hoping to hear favourably from you at your convenience.

Yours faithfully

英文的自荐信 篇7

reiterate your strength but don’t repeat your cv.

your cover letter should include information on what position you are applying for, why you think you are the right candidate, and how your skills and strengths match the criteria listed in the job posting. remember, you are interpreting your resume, not repeating it.

get personal but never be too personal.

cover letter is an effective networking tool for the employer to learn more about you, including your business-related personality, strength and passion for the job. however, disclosing too much personal information in cover letter is a taboo. it would make you look unprofessional, and may distract the employer from making an objective judgment on you.

make it easy to read.

a hiring manager won’t have too much time to read a lengthy cover letter, so make your key points in striking and orderly ways. use bullets to break up the text could be a good choice when explaining your strengths and skills that match the position one by one. avoid using large blocks of text, ornate or gaudy fonts, emoticons, inappropriate e-mail addresses and expired contact ways, so as to make your cove letter easy to read and understand.

customize your cover letter.

it is easier to start with a cover letter template to make sure all the key points are included, but do remember to customize your cover letter to show your uniqueness, otherwise there is no need to write such a thing. if you have a contact person for your letter, be sure to include their name in your letter.

do research in advance.

before you write, find out as much as you can about the company and the hiring manager, and then you can start your cover letter with“dear mr green/ms flower”to address it to the individual responsible for hiring. check the recruitment rules of the company to make sure you send the cover letter in right format (attachment or text)。

explain your employment gap.

some job applicants may have recent gaps, such as being laid-off and unemployed for half a year, or being a full-time mother for three years. cover letter gives you an opportunity to explain an employment gap in a sincere and honest way.

be polite.

your cover letter is your first and best chance to make a good impression, so be polite. don’t forget the salutation opening and complimentary close parts. you may conclude your cover letter by“thank you for your consideration”,“looking forward to hearing from you”and“respectfully/sincerely/courteously yours”。

check errors.

finally, take one more minute to check spelling mistakes or logical flaws of your cv and cover letter before you send them out. good luck!

英文的自荐信 篇8

respect leadership:


i’m xx university graduates of the department of chinese literature. in high school, suffered shien went for shien newspaper and step into xx university of i, four years in this "a teacher" in institutions of higher learning continuously strengthened become a people’s teacher belief, for entry into my teacher the road constantly enrich himself, hard molded self.

four years to learn, get, thinking must be through the practice can make all the transforming practical value. i sincerely hope that your school offer me the opportunity to realize the value, put into your school teachers i, the ideal for students grow doing their best.

finally, i wish the your school of education in the new century on the front of its own, repeated success!



xxx and is

英文格式的自荐信 篇9

Dear leaders:

Hello! Thank you for taking the time in his busy schedule to read my自荐信this.

I was in Heilongjiang Province Institute of Education, Department of 06 pre-school session of the students, the occasion of careers, I, an education full of boundless enthusiasm of youth, with one pairs of the persistent pursuit of education, in good faith recommend your own.

Over the past three years in school, I studied hard and seriously Treasury study, each semester is to complete the outstanding results of the study subjects, and continuously improve all aects of their own from. Not only in professional courses. Skills class outstanding achievements, but also other theory and other disciplines to expand their knowledge. While studying at the school is a member of the school dance. Province has participated in performances and other cultural activities, not only let me in the dance disciplines results in improved skills and enhanced their higher psychological quality. and won 2nd in Harbin "Bee Flower Cup" young children in an integrated talent contest. youth dance group, "Gold Award" honor! in the after-school time, I like reading books, from the book draw nourishment to equip themselves with new ideas, to develop mind.

Practice is the sole criterion for testing truth, so I use vacation time to a private kindergarten and ecial dance classes, training teachers to serve as its efforts to obtain work experience. For the future of early childhood education to engage in the cause of fully prepared. Arranged in school internship base, the Air Force blue kindergarten internship period, reflected in their overall quality higher. received training units at home.

University life will soon be passed, and I a solid self-confidence in their own professional knowledge, rich in psychological knowledge, organization and management of high capacity and teaching ability, competence and good will certainly be able to complete your work to me, please your School gave me a chance.

Best wishes,


英文的自荐信 篇10

Dear sir or madam,

This is Jane from China West Normal University. When I was questioned on my name, I argued that it is not the south of the Yangtze River; instead, it is about language, style and travel.

For three years, I worked as the chief editor for the magazine of my faculty, and both teachers and students determined that I could be a reporter or a writer for free column. However, when I went to the earthquake-attacked areas, the professional staff told me my potential to be an excellent psychologist.

Finally, I tested my capacity in GeLin Pulante Hotel, and a majority of my fellow workers uated my performance as operation with high proficiency, but when I was demanded to open the Hotel English Training Course, I was advised to set my goal on Hotel Training after my graduation. Yeah, perhaps, I am talented to be so many jobs, but I am the one who is responsible for my life and determine what I want, who I want to be and how to make it.

All alone, I consider about their kind words and narrowly I find that all my qualifications are in perfect preparations for a brand-new but challenging area like your company. Maybe I’ve never majored in electronics, secretary or clerk but as I have stated I have the ability to learn and to be professional.

Thank you for your time and appreciation. I am looking forward to making contributions to your company and realizing myself.



英文自荐信 篇11

Dear Mr.Chen:

l am writing to apply for the post of Accounts Clerk adertised on the Website

I graduated at WuHan City Vacational College specialing business English .but after my graduation .i also worked in supermarket for three years as my partime job .because my language .IT. keybard skills,l have chose the Accounting Assitant for my post.

My Vic-boss hope me join in their company totally,but i wanno use my technology to increase experience of my life .Now,i think the post is what i pursure .i tattached my CURRICULUM VITAE .If you require any additional information,please do not to contact me.

i look forward to hearing from you .

Yours sincerely

Hailu Wang

英文的自荐信 篇12

Dear leaders:


Thank you for your busy schedule in my written review. I am a Mechanical College of Changchun University in Industrial Engineering graduates of the 08 session.

College, I majored in the foundation of industrial engineering, human factors engineering, machinery manufacturing and technological base, and modern manufacturing technology, electro-hydraulic transmission control, facilities planning and material flow analysis and other related courses, the outstanding, has won a scholarship colonel. Not only mastered the theoretical knowledge, but also with a certain degree of practical ability, office software applications can be simple to grasp autoCAD, witness tools such as software, at the same time I also made a driving license.

Four-year university study and life, my training as an independent, tenacious, enthusiastic, self-confidence of youth. In his free time, I actively participate in social practice activities, which has been Hisense TV, these experiences and experience towards the future I will be the cornerstone of jobs.

I am cheerful and lively nature, optimistic self-confidence, his integrity and love a wide range of imaginative and innovative spirit.at the beginning of course, it is necessary to learn a lot, but I firmly believe that the constant sum up, analysis of self-perfection, and tap my potential job in the future will certainly capable of a performance, and create a brilliant!

A down-to-earth and pragmatic master professional knowledge and ability to work with some of his subordinates and organizational capacity, is your desire. For a full play to their professional expertise to work unit, and can get your attention, I hope; powerful assistant, help you to work to ones liking; appropriate work units, help me to display their talent.

Just out of school, maybe I have not reached the capacity of your companys standards, but I was still young, I would like to keep my efforts to prove the actual use of your choice is correct. XX leadership please let me give a chance to prove!

Once again thank you for your review! I look forward to seeing you for the good news.